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CIRCUS ZAMBIA - We are a social enterprise that offers unique entertainment and that equips young people from vulnerable backgrounds with circus and life skills while providing educational and employment opportunities. We do this so young people can become change makers in their community. We also serve the creative community at our creative hub where they can come together, research and showcase. 


from 49 reviews
"Soooo good! I feel like we got to see the best performers in the world this evening. I highly recommend Boxed!"
- Tricia
"Amazing! "
- Ahmed Faraz
"Absolutely Amazing! a beautiful show. my whole family (from a 2yr old to a 42 yr old) were enraptured. "
- Kshitij
"It was incredible. Such professionalism, storytelling, talent, passion. I'm not surprised Circus Zambia tour the world! "
- Emma
"Had a great time with my family at the event. Comments shared were that it was an excellent show; it was great seeing all the hard work and high skill levels of a wide range of ages! The sound and music was at a good level throughout, not overdone and deafening. Keep up the great work!"
- Kanyabu

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