With You Festival



from 69 reviews
"It was amazing "
- Chad
"An incredible event! Great music (Nicone was off the bloody charts!). Venue had enough space to move and with good airflow- such a crucial aspect. Personally enjoyed the numbers, not overcrowded at all. Thanks Factory 7 and all those involved (security, bar, technicians etc). See you again on April 1st! "
- James
"Such an awesome event, very well organised and great music!"
- Anonymous
"ansoloutely beutiful, the music was the best part, i went to the first rumours by the lake and the music was id say a 6/10 and this was was a solid 9/10 keep the same names and keep that dark and dirty techno coming plssssssss, locked illusions,maske,lewis,dylan munroah, doggstar were the highlghts and made it just exrtra wonderful"
- kieran
"Soooo much fun !!!"
- Anonymous