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Have you ever imagined yourself on TV being interviewed during a news, magazine or debate segment or holding a Press Conference? Have you ever wondered how those people being interviewed sound so smart? How do they know all the right answers to say? How do they look so sure that they know what they are doing on saying? THE BIG QUESTIONS IS How did they even get to be on TV being asked questions. Why couldn't the journalist call you instead? You are even pretty sure you could have answered some of the questions even better!

Well, wonder no-more....Did you not know? A Thought Leader is one that gets invited by the media to make professional commentary on matters that affect the industry they operate in. In return, this helps illuminate a spotlight on your work and business. It helps make you more authentic and that much more credible.

"Think of it as FREE Advertising: But remember there is no such a thing as Free advertising! Its Public Relations; because


Well advertising on national TV or radio is very expensive and almost ALL small business cannot afford to do that. That is why they rely on Social Media (Free advertising) but problem with Social Media is now very saturated. All you get is Likes, Hearts, Thumbs Up, Silly Comments, GIFs and if you are lucky a serious customer inquiry that leads to a sell, normally that lead goes cold and you never hear back from them again.

WHAT IF THERE WAS A one-in-a-million chance that you could get a call that changes everything? Well laws of average show that the more people hear and see you speak - the more they are likely to remember you and buy from you. Its simple. People BUY from people! Not posts, selfies and self proclaimed social media pictures with no evidence that customers bought something. Or if there is well...that's great!

We have workshops geared to train people to speak with industry authority...It is called Thought Leadership media training.

Thought Leadership is helping you share what you already know.

Media training is being coached how to deliver what you already know.

After the training: You will learn how to :

  1. How to grace the stage
  2. How to prepare your sound bites
  3. How to get journalist to invite you
  4. How to become an engaging speaker
  5. How to present yourself in an interview
  6. How to get invited back for me interviews
  7. How to close an interview with a boilerplate
  8. How to market your services to future clients
  9. OR How to enhance your CV to future employers.
  10. Create a digital public record of your credentials

Sounds interesting? To be considered for a FREE bursary for our first intake workshop on how to become a sort after Thought Leader in your industry send us your 60 second video pitch introducing yourself, your business or job title & industry in which you operate and why you feel you would make a great Thought Leader?

Do not shy away: There is NO wrong or right way in your video pitch. Just be yourself. That is why we are here to help you make it even greater. We want to empower Employees or Self Employed people, Startups, Artisans, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to get more confident to speaking in front of an audience with confidence.

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Impact Hub
Mwambula Road

Mon 23 Dec 2019 at 4:00 PM (SAST)
Mon 23 Dec 2019 at 6:00 PM (SAST)

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